My Love for African Fashion

If You understand fashion and have that burning desire to look unique, then you may want to look at some African print fashion. Africa, with its many countries and tribes, have a unique blend of colours and clothing within their fashion, each unique and synonymous to the many regions and tribes.

African Fashion Dress

African people are also known to be capable of spending an enormous amount on their fashion. African dress styles are full of symbolism and meaning, the patterns used in its style have great depth, which African people understand, in fact, one can truly know which region the person comes from just by the print dress they are wearing.


African Patterns


One unique factor about African print dresses is that you have a huge range of patterns to choose from and the vibrant colours are uniquely different, this is a contrast from other western dresses which have a limitation in patterns. The choices can be numerous when you decide on African style dress, the patterns, the colour ranges and the fabric makes the outfit stand alone from the rest.

The outfits can be worn on a daily basis and for different occasions, such as work clothes for parties and just your everyday attire. The countries to pick from are vast in the continent such as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and Cameroon to pick a few, and the styles are so unique depending on the region.

There is a growing fashion trend in the west with these centuries-old patterns and colours, a fusion if you will. This fusion is known as African print dresses, a style of western clothing mixed in with the vibrancy of African colours and tribal patterns. The African print dresses have taken off, especially with a growing online market and businesses selling this type of wear.

These garments made with the creativity and style of the designer, The strong African influence, spirit and culture kept in the final design of these clothes. Ultimately creating a truly unique and eloquent fashion dress that are used for almost any occasion.


Many Designers in this field use age-old colour traditions and translate them into multiple layers of complexity, combine different styles and patterns that are surprising in their detailed craftsmanship. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith have specially made this trend of clothing go mainstream from designers around the world now becoming more famous for their use of these types of prints.

African clothing is becoming a high priority in the fashion world itself; there are numerous fashion runways in the west displaying African fashion print dresses and skirts. It is indeed becoming worldwise phenomena as the popularity grows in mainstream media. Simply love these funky, natural & exotic prints with all range of clothes.

African outfits are designed elegantly to draw the attention of buyers quite conveniently. These will surely catch the attention of people near around you, and they will appreciate your selection. So, if you are ever wearing any African outfit, you have noticed that something is lacking. And then, you will be able to realise; you need essential accessories for your new outfits. You are advised to be quite careful, though.




When it comes to African print dresses, these termed as gorgeous for their unique beauty. Also, you must also be careful, though. As mentioned, outfits with African print are eye catchy. But, you will not be able to fulfil your desires with the wrong accessories. African fabrics have made waves in the fashion industry due to their unique features, designs as well as material. Once overlooked by many, it has now become one of the most popular materials used in the fashion world. If you are shopping for dresses made from these fabrics or want to make your dresses using these, it is important to know the different kinds of each material might be suitable for one particular type of dress but not for another.